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    Mar 8

    March Webinar: ADM

    Virtually join The Chicago Farmers on March 8th for a presentation by ADM.


    Apr 12

    April Webinar: Land Values

    Please save the date for our April 12th webinar when we will discuss Land Values.

    May 3

    May Webinar: Annual Meeting

    Please save the date for our May 3rd Annual Meeting.


    We hope that those of you who attended our February 8th virtual events enjoyed the discussions on the 1031 Like Kind Exchange Statutory Trust and Grain Marketing, and we encourage you to join us for our March 8th webinar featuring a conversation with ADM. 

    How to be a good marketer in today's environment

    Angie Setzer, vice president of Grain for Citizens, has marketed grain for 16 years. She shared her insights with The Chicago Farmers during TCF’s February 8, 2021, webinar meeting and recommended the marketing behaviors that breed success as we head into 2021.

    Angie reflected on last year and its turbulence due to the Covid-19 pandemic. She said the year began with hope, turned into fear and ended with contract highs.


    Scholar Support

    Help us to continue to sponsor students in degree programs focused on agricultural and life sciences education at four land-grant universities in the midwest by making a donation to The Chicago Farmers Scholarship Fund today.


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