Past Study Tours

    Since 2002, members of the Chicago Farmers have traveled to a variety of foreign destinations, including countries in Central and South America, Europe and Cuba to focus on both the culture and agriculture of those destinations, which differ significantly from Midwest row crop production agriculture. In April of 2017, the most recent group of Chicago Farmers travelers went overseas to Austria for a week. While there, they toured several farming operations and orchards and received an overview of that nation's agricultural scene. Cultural features visited were the major cities of Vienna, Groz and Salzburg. The group also enjoyed their visit to several of the locations used for filming the movie "The Sound of Music".

    For stories about earlier tours, please click on the tour locations below. 

    2018 Norway
    2017 Austria
    2016 Spain
    2015 Netherlands
    2014 Italy
    2013 Germany
    2012 Southern France
    2011 Sweden 
    2010 Northern France
    2009 Slovakia 
    2008 Ireland 
    2007 Cuba 
    2006 Brazil 
    2004 Belize 
    2003 Costa Rica
    2002 Cuba