Chicago has a long history of agricultural involvement. Those ties continue today through trading institutions that shape world markets, as well as the myriad of agribusiness and food companies that call the Chicago metropolitan region their home.

    This tradition of agricultural involvement also continues through The Chicago Farmers. Founded in 1935, the purpose of the Club is to advance production, agriculture, and agribusiness. This non-profit, non-partisan organization provides information, educational programs, and a forum for discussing issues to members and others interested in agriculture efficiency and competitiveness in a global economy.

    The Chicago Farmers membership profile consists of farmland owners and operators, agribusiness leaders, farm management professionals, farm real estate consultants, and those from other affiliated businesses. The common thread throughout the membership is an interest in agribusiness and the promotion of agriculture in general.

    The Chicago Farmers invite you to become a part of this unique blend of individuals who own or operate farms, or have a strong interest and involvement in our industry. To join, simply complete the online application form and submit to The Chicago Farmers.