The purpose of The Chicago Farmers is to provide a forum for education and an exchange of information between members and others allied in agribusiness. This is carried out with a number of member directed activities scheduled throughout the year, which provide members a means to enhance their knowledge, profitability, stewardship, consumer awareness, and fellowship. Our mission is carried out through the following activities.

    • Luncheon meetings are held from September through May in downtown Chicago that feature pertinent programs and speakers covering the latest developments in the industry and topics of interest to members

    • Farmland Forum held annually in February at a local agricultural education establishment

    • Special seminars and regional meetings presented by experts on subject matter of interest to members held in both Chicago and outlying areas

    • Summer field trips to sites in or near the Northern Illinois area to visit agribusiness facilities and operations

    • International study tours that expand one’s perspective on global agriculture

    • Maintaining a tax-exempt scholarship fund to sponsor students in degree programs focused on Agricultural and Life Science education.