Upcoming Events

    Oct 5

    October Webinar: Machinery Technology

    Please join the Chicago Farmers with a presentation on Machinery Technology, featuring two speakers, Mark Moran, head of John Deere's Intelligent Solutions Group, and Craig Rupp, CEO of Sabanto.


    Nov 9

    November Webinar: International Trade Policy: Past, Present and Future

    Please join the Chicago Farmers for a discussion on International Trade Policy: Past, Present and Future, presented by Dr. Russell Hillberry, a Purdue professor and expert on international trade



    We hope that those of you who attended the September 14th webinar enjoyed the keynote presentation on 2021 Leasing Trends from Dr. Gary Schnitkey. We encourage you to join us on October 5th for a webinar on Machinery Technology featuring two speakers, Mark MoranLead, Advanced Sensing Emerging Technology, Head, John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group - Champaign, and Craig Rupp, Farmer and CEO, Sabanto. Register today!

    How we must get farming right to
    avert future crises

    There are things that we need to change in farming. The world needs farms: ‘no farms, no food,’” said Piotti to Chicago Farmers members attending the May Zoom meeting. “AFT has worked for 40 years to bring agriculture and the environment together and it has been involved in some of the most critical issues affecting the planet, including climate change." Click here to read more!

    Scholar Support

    Help us to continue to sponsor students in degree programs focused on agricultural and life sciences education at four land-grant universities in the midwest by making a donation to The Chicago Farmers Scholarship Fund today.


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