Wisconsin student receives TCF scholarship

    Melissa Losby, a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is a recipient of a Chicago Farmers’ scholarship. She is studying Animal Sciences and Environmental Studies at the university.

    Melissa grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, with a great love for anything animal-related. She wrote in a thank you note to TCF, “I grew up with my mother, father, and cat. Although I was raised in the city, I have always had a passion for animals and an interest in agriculture. My mother grew up on a small dairy family farm in northeastern Wisconsin and spending time at the farm was a highlight of my childhood. I am so excited to be continuing my studies at UW-Madison and I cannot thank you enough for your support.”

    She said she grew up riding horses on her grandparents’ farm.  When she became 14-years-old, Melissa began working at a summer camp where she taught children how to work with and ride horses. She soon realized that she loved sharing her knowledge and teaching both children and adults.

    Melissa said that she was overjoyed when she was accepted into UW-Madison and quickly declared her major to be Animal Sciences. She noted the decision was simple because Animal Sciences allowed her to incorporate her passion for animals with a desire to learn more about agriculture. In the middle of her first year, she declared Environmental Studies as a second major. “This decision stemmed from my interest in sustainability in agriculture,” she wrote.

    “Overall, I chose to major in Animal Sciences and Environmental Studies for the chance to learn as much about agriculture as I can. With these degrees, I hope to share my knowledge with the community and use what I have learned to help educate others,” Melissa wrote.

    She said she has gained much knowledge about agriculture and is learning more every day. Melissa plans to graduate in May 2020 and is looking forward to her final semesters on campus. After graduation, Melissa hopes to find a career that incorporates agriculture and animals with outreach and teaching within the community.

    Melissa said she has been very fortunate at the University of Wisconsin to experience everything from hands-on involvement with livestock to off-campus trips. One of her favorite classes was the Meat Animal Evaluation Team. Being a part of the team exposed her to many aspects of the agriculture industry that she had not previously experienced. Melissa wrote, “We toured feedlots, a harvest facility, and various cattle operations. For me, this class really showed me what opportunities are out there in the agriculture industry. The chances to learn and grow have been numerous since I began studying Animal Sciences and your generosity is paramount to continue my studies.”

    Melissa shared that another important part of her experience at UW-Madison has been through her internship with the school’s Equine 4H Extension Specialist and through its Saddle and Sirloin Club. Through these activities she said she has further broadened the extent of her understanding of the industries involved in agriculture.

    Melissa noted, “Since I hope to share the knowledge I have learned with others in the future, working with UW Extension and the Saddle and Sirloin club has been so beneficial. I have helped put together 4H activities, helped put on livestock shows, and learned more about the university’s involvement in the community. I would like to articulate how much your support impacts me and my studies. This scholarship opportunity allows me to place a larger focus on my classes, clubs, and internship without such a financial burden. Receiving the Chicago Farmers scholarship has emboldened me to delve into my studies and gain as much knowledge as possible in my final years at UW-Madison. Again, your generosity and support mean so much to me and I would like to thank you immensely for this amazing opportunity.”