Wisconsin student receives TCF scholarship

    University of Wisconsin Madison senior Ben Mrotek has received a Chicago Farmers’ scholarship. He is in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) and majoring in Agricultural and Applied Economics, Environmental Studies.

    Ben wrote to TCF, “Thank you very much for your generosity in funding the Chicago Farmers scholarship. This scholarship means a lot to me as this is the first time I have received any sort of financial aid. I am very honored that you chose me among an extremely strong field of candidates. This donation will reduce my financial burden and allow me to spend more time in the coming year focusing on my career interests by taking additional leadership roles on campus.”

    Ben, who is from Cedarburg, Wisconsin, said he chose to be an Agricultural and Applied Economics (AAE) major because of his interest in the bridge between business and the environment. He said that he likes the fact that the major allows him to take a large range of courses along with the core economics classes. Ben said that this has provided the opportunity to see how economics applies to real-world issues and take courses most in line with his interests. He said that AAE also paired well with his environmental studies major, which allowed him to get additional credit for electives he enjoys and still have the time to get a certificate in Business Management from CALS. Said Ben, “Overall, I believe my academic path has prepared me for a career that will be very fulfilling.”

    Ben said he has been a great admirer of the University of Wisconsin campus from the first moment he saw it. He noted it is a world-renowned institution in a beautiful setting. Being accepted to the university is among his proudest moments. “After becoming dedicated to becoming to getting into Madison, I was able to attain a 4.0 GPA my sophomore through senior high school years,” he said.

    With an interest in a career in renewable energy or sustainability, Ben hopes to play a large role in creating solutions to environmental challenges. He would like to hold an executive position in an organization with a mission driven by sustainability.

    Said Ben, “Currently, I am pursuing internships in the sustainable energy industry where I can quantify energy system performance and emissions reduction potential. I would like to end up at a company like Tesla because I have a fair amount of experience working with cars, and this would connect that experience with my interest in the environment.”