2015 Iowa State University Scholarship Recipient

    2015 Iowa State University Scholarship Recipient

    Iowa State University student Ella Meyer recently was awarded a scholarship by The Chicago Farmers. Ella is majoring in animal science and in the pre-veterinary medicine program at Iowa State. After two more years in the program, she hopes to advance to the veterinary medicine program at the university. Following graduation Ella plans to own a herd of Polled Hereford cattle in Iowa. She said a local veterinarian office that serves the community’s companion and production animals is her first choice for employment.

    Ella wrote to TCF, “As a hard working college student, I greatly appreciate the scholarship you have donated to me. I was class valedictorian of a small town high school in Iowa. From an early age, I knew that I wanted to work with animals. I couldn’t see myself doing anything else despite knowing how much hard work and dedication it takes to become a veterinarian.”

    While Ella completed her sophomore year at Iowa in the spring, she has a junior’s worth of credits. During the school year Ella helped to organize and present the Iowa State Block and Bridle Club’s Cyclone Classic cattle show. She said the show was a success and there was a very large attendance. Ella also was a teaching assistant, which she said was a good learning experience. Additionally, she gained practical experience through her work as an undergraduate laboratory research assistant in a lab on the university’s campus.

    Ella wrote that to achieve her goal of becoming a veterinarian, she has been helping a local vet. Also, over the past several years, she has shown cattle and supported the beef industry and the Hereford breed. Recently, she was the Iowa Hereford Queen. “I owe the Hereford Association for teaching me many life lessons and providing me with lifelong friends,” Ella wrote in her note to TCF.

    “My ultimate goal is to help my community by caring for our food animals and beloved pets,” Ella wrote. “Your generous scholarship will help me fund my eight years of college and will help me be the best veterinarian I can be for those who need me.”