2016-2017 Wisconsin-Madison Scholar

    Growing up on my family’s cash crop farm in Waupun, Wisconsin, I realized at a young age that I wanted to be part of the agricultural industry. This being so, I came to the University of Wisconsin-Madison to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Agronomy. While on campus, I have become involved in the Badger Crops Club where I have been able to have hands-on experiences in agronomy. Through the club, I have competed on both the Weeds and Crops judging teams, and I have had the opportunity to attend conferences all around the United States with other agronomy students. These experiences have helped me grow my agricultural knowledge base and have better prepared me for my agricultural career. I hope to continue with my education and earn a master’s degree enabling me to become an extension agent. - Rachel Perry, 2016-2017 University of Wisconsin-Madison Scholarship Recipient