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    Explore POLAND on the 2019 International Study Tour


    The majority of our former travelers selected Poland in late spring as our tour for 2019. Last year, the majority selection was Norway, which resulted in our highest attended tour to date. Poland was our second-choice last year, so we hope that we have another successful tour in the works.

    Our friends of five years of tours, Vogt, are making the plans for us again. Their preliminary itinerary and map are linked below. Poland has some unique features that should give us some variety. 

    Our air will be provided by LOT and is non-stop to Warsaw. The departure date is Saturday, June 1st, returning on Saturday, June 8th.

    Our usual registration fee system has been changed. We originally had a "registration fee" of $150, which was refundable prior to confirmation of the trip. However, Insurance Companies now consider that $150 as a "deposit" and a deadline date for insurance covering "pre-existing health conditions".

    Therefore, if you are interested in traveling with us, we are now asking for the registration form, confirming your reservation and intent to pay the full cost of the tour, which is detailed in the disclaimer. Your first deposit will then be for your group tickets, which will not be refundable. Of course, if you are unable to attend, we will seek a wait-list traveler to replace you, so that you would get your payment returned. As always though, we urge you to get Travel Insurance to cover the possibility of a change in plans.

    Look over the Itinerary and the photos included to see some new agricultural and mining adventures!  

    Registration Form Itinerary Disclaimer

    Since 2002, members of the Chicago Farmers have traveled to a variety of foreign destinations, including countries in Central and South America, Europe and Cuba to focus on both the culture and agriculture of those destinations, which differ significantly from Midwest row crop production agriculture. In April of 2017, the most recent group of Chicago Farmers travelers went overseas to Austria for a week. While there, they toured several farming operations and orchards and received an overview of that nation's agricultural scene. Cultural features visited were the major cities of Vienna, Groz and Salzburg. The group also enjoyed their visit to several of the locations used for filming the movie "The Sound of Music".