2016 Speaker Sessions

    2016 Illinois Farmland Values and Lease Trends
    Ray Brownfield, Land Pro LLC

    This presentation will be a summary of a survey taken by the Illinois Society of Professional Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers with the results from professional farm managers and rural appraiser members within the ten separate districts in Illinois.

    1031 Like-Kind Exchanges
    Doug Deininger, Land Pro LLC

    What to do next when you sell your farm.

    Big Return from Small Data
    Quentin Rund, PAQ Interactive Inc.

    Big Data can play a key role in helping model production systems across a broad area, but farmers and farm managers should not ignore the benefits of data from their own farms and fields. Working with retailers, crop consultants, and farmers, we have learned the benefits of localized data analysis. Some basic metrics derived from data you already have in hand can help guide management decisions. Learn what has worked for us and share your own insights on key metrics for farm management.

    Community Supported Agriculture
    Jody Osmund, Band of Farmers - the Chicago-land CSA Coalition

    Band of Farmers, the Chicago-land CSA Coalition, is changing the way Chicago eats. Learn how consumers and farmers are forming beneficial relationships through food.

    Conventional vs. Organic Farming
    Richard Ritter, Flanagan State Bank

    We will focus on discussing and comparing both conventional and organic crop production, looking at strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for each. We will also review and discuss a 2016 cash flow for both conventional and organic production of corn and soybeans.

    Corporate & Finance Law for AgTech Ventures
    Dan Stokes, Daniel P. Stokes, Attorney at Law

    Individual businesses within each segment of AgTech (i.e., bioenergy, food e-commerce, soil & crop tech, indoor agriculture, waste mitigation, smart-equipment & hardware, decision-analytics & software, drones, robotics, etc.) have different go-to-market strategies, and we will discuss how these differences affect their approach to legal issues.

    Does Grain Storage Pay?
    Chip Nellinger, Blue Reef Agri-Marketing, Inc.

    We will review key aspects of grain storage and how best to manage on farm storage.

    Drones: What's the latest?
    Randy Aberle, FlyingAg

    We will discuss the current state of federal regulations regarding drones: who can fly, where they can fly, what they can fly, etc.  The different types of drones and their differing uses and characteristics will be discussed.

    Grain Market Outlook & Asset Management
    Todd Gleason, University of Illinois Extension

    Todd Gleason will moderate a panel discussing your options for marketing the crop this year and what you should be planning for the crop next year. He’ll also guide a discussion about farm asset protection related to crop budgets and nutrient regulations.
    WILLAg Outlook Panelists: Matt Bennett, Bill Gentry, Mike Zuzolo, Jonathan Coppess, Gary Schnitkey

    Insurance and Risk Management Considerations
    Eric Vanasdale & Scot Gudenrath, COUNTRY Financial

    Selling food products through direct sales and Farmer’s Markets, as well as hosting Agritourism activities on your farm presents unique liability concerns. During this presentation you will learn about typical insurance options and coverage gaps as well as risk management techniques for reducing your likelihood and severity of loss.

    Keeping N & P On the Farm and Out of the River
    Dan Towery, Ag Conservation Solutions

    Agriculture in Illinois is faced with reducing nitrogen and phosphorus looses by 45%. Failure may result in regulations on nutrient management.  Change will be required, but the change may actually result in increased profits and fewer nutrients leaving the farm.

    Leadership in Agriculture: How Leaders Learn
    Don Norton, Illinois Agricultural Leadership Foundation

    We hear a lot of talk about the need for leaders in agriculture, but what are we doing to develop future leaders for our industry and organizations? Learn how to develop a leadership succession plan for your organization. You'll discover the skills, knowledge and character traits essential to ensuring agriculture thrives into the future.

    Managing on Slimmer Margins
    Dwight Raab, Illinois FBFM Association

    This session will explore new and emerging benchmarks and consider ways to increase profits.

    Multifunctional Perennial Cropping Systems
    Chloe Mattia, University of Illinois, Department of Crop Sciences

    This presentation will describe Multifunctional Perennial Cropping Systems (MPCs) as well as specific research on how to apply these systems in the Midwest.

    No Time for Sorrow: Evolving the Farm after Farm Transfer
    Susan Sink, American Farmland Trust

    A quarter of the nation's agricultural land is likely to change hands in the next decade. Inevitably, some of that land will fall into the hands of those who did not expect to suddenly be solely responsible for its stewardship and management. Susan Sink, owner of Virginia based Sinkland Farms and Vice President of Development and External Relations at American Farmland Trust, will bring her unique perspective as both a farmer who has lived through sudden farm transfer and her professional knowledge of the many considerations facing farmland transfer.

    Organic Grain: A Help Wanted Sign for the Midwestern Farmer
    David M. Ross, Great Harvest Organics

    David Ross, Sales and Operations Manager for Great Harvest Organics, will outline the current demand for organic grain in the United States, describe who the consumer is and what the trends look like. David will then detail what the opportunity might look like for you and how to get started.

    Rooftop Gardening
    Kevin Jezewski, SAVOR...

    We will discuss the Rooftop Garden at McCormick Place and sustainability practices being used there.  You will see how urban agriculture has expanded on top of North Americas Largest Convention Center. With 8,000 pounds of produce being produced a year, this Garden helps support the Restaurants at McCormick Place.